How can design appeal to all five senses? Isn’t design something you look at?

Some would say so. SPACES founder Dolores Pian, on the other hand, believes that good design goes beyond good looks and functionality.  Sensuous design takes all the senses into account, and nourishes the entire person.

At work or play, your senses shouldn’t be denied.

So what do Interior Designers actually do?

A good Interior Designer is able to synthesize the needs of her client with practical concerns, make sure it fits with local building and fire codes, and make it look good to boot.

A designer’s duties include:

  • Residential - analyzing a Client's needs and lifestyle.  What do they hope to achieve with their newly designed space?
  • Corporate - very specific needs must be met.  Designing for business involves blending the pragmatic with the aesthetic - while making sure that safety and fire considerations are up to code.
  • Preparing working drawings and plans that cover every detail of the project - from materials and finishes to furniture, fixtures and the final layout.
  • Making it all happen; designers are also project managers who co-ordinate the different workers and craftspeople required for each project, and ensure that the project runs smoothly according to plan.

What's the difference between a decorator and an interior designer?

There's a huge difference between the two.

Decorators deal with décor, with the elements that are on the surface of a room - they can't go beyond decorating what's already there.

Interior designers have the ability to create an entirely new space witha a building.  From revisioning a building's physial structure to creating spaces that reflect the needs of the users, designers possess an in-depth knowledge of construction and building materials that goes well beyond the surface.

Are there any professional organizations in Ontario?

Of course.  There is one association:  ARIDO

The Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) was founded in 1934. Any professional in Ontario who wants to be registered as an interior designer has to meet their high standards. For more information, please see

Do Interior Designers need to be licensed?

As of December 23, 1999 in the province of Ontario, only those individuals who meet the strict qualifications confirmed by the government  and who are members of ARIDO are entitled to call themselves Interior Designers.

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