Our Commercial Designs are More than Just a Pretty Space.

From fire codes to traffic flow, from durability to security to ensuring that office spaces allow for maximum productivity, SPACES ensures that your commercial space meets your needs with style and sophistication.

Ensure Your Common Spaces Are Anything But.

Designing for public spaces is different from designing for homes.  There are differences of scale - pieces that look just fine in a small room look lost in a lobby. Public furniture typically endures a lot more wear and tear than the typical household armchair, and needs to be made of sterner, stronger stuff.

When it Comes to Commercial Spaces, We Mean Business.

A commercial space is more than a work space – it’s your business’ calling card to the world.  Our designs stimulate the senses, creating a productive and memorable working environment that’s proof of your good taste. 

Our ability to listen ensures deep understanding of the challenges and context our clients face.  This helps us to deliver on their strategic business goals - whether a private executive office or large office.  No matter the size, we deliver results.  

Some Of Our Commercial Spaces  Include:

  • Executive Office Suites
  • Working Spaces
  • Corporate Offices Of All Types - Private and Public
  • Lobbies and Elevators
  • High Security Environments That Are Soft and Approachable
  • Gathering Places -  Places Of Worship and Banquet Facilities
  • Condominium Lobbies, Corridors and Common Elements
  • Multi-Unit Residential
  • Public Washrooms

Check-out our some of our Commercial Spaces

Good design improves the bottom line!