SENSUAL SPACES – The Essentials


Sensuality is defined as being pleasing or fulfilling to the 5 senses.

The 5 senses are - Sight - Sound - Smell - Taste - Touch

Satisfying the senses is food for the soul.

Designers and most people in every culture generally agree that we have positive feelings of a space or object that we ‘feel’ is sensuous. It influences our perception and it affects our experience.

There is a definite relationship between design and sensuality.

The “basic” sensual design visual vocabulary include:

  • Organic – The curves of the human body and living beings
  • S - Curves and Shapes – The grand piano, snakes, water, flowers
  • Soft and Warm – Feeling to the touch, tactile
  • Smooth – No jagged or sharp edges
  • Dance and Movement – Ballet, dancing in general.

Expressing sensuality through spaces can change lives.

The more senses we employ, the more memorable , the more effective the space, the more we feel …. Alive! Sensuous Spaces can be expressed in words and images.

My Dream Is To Build A Sensual World …. One Interior At A time.

And, upon sharing my thoughts, my desire is for you to be:

  • More aware of your surroundings,
  • More aware of how these spaces make you feel,
  • More present with heightened senses.

Go Forth … and… Build Your Own Sensual World. Dolores