Taste - A Matter Of Taste

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Babies are great – aren’t they?

They explore their environment all the time. They’ll put anything and everything in their mouth to feel it and get a sense of taste and texture.  They’ll lick the floor, they’ll gnaw at a table leg, or eat newspapers.

And, they’ll  spit out anything that doesn’t taste good – almost immediately.

As we get older – we’re discouraged from “tasting our environment”.

Taste Sensations

Day by day, moment by moment, we experience all the taste sensations that are available to us:

  • Salty
  • Sour
  • Bitter
  • Sweet
  • Savoury

Taste Is A Funny Thing

Wally – he’s a snappy dresser – he’s a man with good taste in clothes.  Does that mean that Wally licks or eats his clothes prior to buying them and then wearing them?

Maurine – an excellent designer, won a few awards – her clients tell her that her interiors are executed in ‘good taste’.  Does that mean that her clients go out and munch on desk chair or office cubicle before making that assessment?

Or…. Consider this!

A Tasting Room – for all of you wine aficionados.  A room where you taste.  That’s all you do is taste.  It’s part of a winery, typically located on the premises of the winery's production facilities where you can sample the wines.

The LCBO at Summer Hill - Toronto has a tasting area. For a nominal charge you can  have a tipple of some of the finest wines, ports, alcohols that money can buy.  But, according to the Ontario government – you must do so standing up!

Colour And Taste?

And…  What colours make people want to taste more and eat more?

Warm colours like red, orange and some shades of yellow – increase appetite.  Originating from the instinctual association of red and yellow with calorie-rich foods like red meat and ripened fruits.

Certain fruits will exploit this association for reproducing itself – by releasing pigments within the fruit itself from original green to a darker colour of red or thereof, to attract animals.

I don’t know how plants know this – but nature is a mysterious and wonderful thing.

“We eat with our eyes.”  Most restaurateurs and designers know that colours stimulate appetite.  That’s why we use warm reddish colours, warm, diffused lighting, candlelight and red-tinted lighting.  Tinted lighting is banned in meat departments.

Other Interesting Facts

A large quantity of colours will stimulate appetite as well.  A larger number of colours indicates greater variety in the meal, and, this stimulates appetite.  It helps explain why we eat more at a buffet table than when given a single, large main course. 

And, ….

We tend to eat more when there are variety of colours, it creates the perception of an increased variety in the meal.

Science is just now catching up with hard evidence on how colour our eating habits, and more importantly, the why of it?

It does sound like we’re food obsessed!

And so we use our knowledge of food and our ability to describe food, as a building block to describe ourselves and the environment around us.

Taste Is ...

  • Taste is … subjective. 
  • Taste is … life. 
  • Taste is … what a person tastes it to be.
To possess taste, one must have some soul.  Marquis De Vauvenaurgues  

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