SMELL - Scents and Sensibility

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Phew!  – What’s that smell?

Who, amongst us - hasn’t been accosted by a plethora of perfumes when entering a fancy department store in the chic part of town?

Who amongst us hasn’t been anxious when approaching a hospital?  Worried that we’ll smell death or  it’s opposite ultra clean bleach?

And…. Who amongst us hasn’t smelt the sweet, and sometimes not so sweet smells of babies in a nursery?

Smell Features

Smell is the most advanced, of the five sense, and is present in babies at time of birth.

Smell is usually our first response to our environment:

  • It alerts us to fire before we see the flames,
  • It makes us cringe before we taste rotten food, 
  • When you smell something sharp like ammonia, the nose hairs prick-up and "sting" your nose, and...
  • It is linked to perception  which is vital to our behaviour, mood & memory.
  • Scents

    Did you know that advertisers are now developing “brand scents”?

    We all know that the smells of baking wets our appetite.  However in San Francisco, one bakery was banned from “fanning out” smells because it was causing a huge crowd to gather outside the store ‘causing traffic jams and life-safety issues.

    Everyone wants a piece of our nose.  

    Can you smell FEAR? 

    Yes!.  It seems that people ‘sweat’ stress which secretes stress pheromones that we ‘smell’.  And…. The antidote to this?  Environments that reduce stress … and … positive emotions, which produces their own smell. 

    Can you smell LOVE?

    Yes!  We smell each other and love releases pheromones that helps with mating, which eventually can lead to babies.  (But, you already knew that.)  And … Speaking of mating -  Yummy smells like lavender, vanilla and liquorice - produces ‘arousing’ results.

    Can you smell your FOOD?

    Yes and No!  Many fruits and vegetables have been bred for colour and size. Consequently, smell has been bred out of them.  And refrigeration hampers smelling as well.  A trip to the market will help remind you what food should smell like.  Some say, that because we can’t smell our food anymore, we are not satisfied and satiated, which leads to more eating.

    Can you get FIRED from smelling bad?

    Yes!  One large legal firm in Toronto that has sent out a memo, banning all perfumes, lotions and potions with any smells.  Failing to do so will result in a warning and eventually being asked to take your ‘scent’ elsewhere. Many cultural centers have adopted the same policy.

    Can you die from smells?

    Yes and No!  Some will kill you, like agent orange or sulphur.  Some smells will make you sick or nauseous such as the off-gassing of some new carpets, dry-cleaning and some perfumes.   Did you know that bananas off-gas?  They release a chemical that ripens other fruits around it.  Death by banana?

    Can you be HEALED by smells?

    That’s the basic philosophy of aromatherapies – certain scents over time – heal & rejuvenate the body.  And, importantly create antioxidants.


    What Are Some The Antidotes Of Smell's Bad Effects?

    • Smiles, laughter and kindness, 
    • Success!  The sweet smell of success produces it's own pheromones, and ...
    • All things positive and loving.

    Help your body help itself by creating positive spaces for that lasting scent of wellbeing.

    Good taste is the flower of good sense. 
  A. Poincelot

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