I Am Building A Sensual World – One Interior At a Time

I Am Building A Sensual World …. One Interior At a Time.  To create intimate spaces that promote health and well being.
Dolores' Mantra


Early in my career, I worked on the interiors of jails and other high security environments.  By necessity, most materials consisted of concrete, metal and cold, flat surfaces.  I was forced to think of every possible way one could end their life – and then – design against that. Everything was anti-life.   The process left me very depressed.

I want my life and my work to be about creating life, creating comfort, creating happiness and creating smiles.

Expressing sensuality through spaces can change lives.

The Taj Mahal is a perfect example of a building that was inspired by love.  It was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife.  It is universally admired as an architectural masterpiece of the world’s heritage.

The more senses we employ the more memorable and effective the space.

It is very challenging to comply with fire codes, accommodate traffic flow, be durable, be productive, be safe and many other technical requirements.

But, the greatest challenge is to meet these needs in a pleasing manner that makes people want to ‘live’ in the space, ‘live’ with an object and  leave the space having felt that you mattered.

Sensuality is defined as being pleasing or fulfilling to the 5 senses.  

The 5 senses being:  Sight,  Sound,  Smell,  Taste  and  Touch.

I will be exploring the senses in greater detail.  How it relates to our environment and how it relates to our health and well being.

Each sense will be introduced in the order that we experience them as we first arrive to this world.

These thoughts will be expressed in words and in images.

And, upon reading these articles and seeing these images, my desire is for you to be:

To Feel The Sensual World ….  One Interior At A time.    Dolores