Sight - See Me And Light-Up The World

Sight - See Me

Sight - See Me

And God said:

“LET THERE BE LIGHT!”  And there was light!   He separated the light from the dark.   And He saw that what He created was good.

And …..  we could see!

Sight – is the 2nd sense that is developed after we are born. 

Without light there is no sight.

Seeing starts when the eye focuses on an image, which travels to the back of the eye called the retina.  Our eyes bring this information  to the brain to interpret what we “see”.   So it is our “brain” that actually “sees”.

So, …. How does this translate to our built environment?

As designers our sense of aesthetics depends on our sight.   We learn a sensual vocabulary of shapes, textures and colours.

We know that colours have meaning and create emotion. For example:

  • Warm colours make us feel warm and cozy or can make us feel anger and hostility.
  • Cool colours are calming, but can also make us feel sad or indifferent. 

And we know that colour can define an era - a moment in time:

  • Orange shag carpet - 60s
  • Avocado appliances - 70s
  • Grey and burgundy - 80s
  • Taupe and greige - 90s

So, as we age – our eyes grow weak and things need to be magnified.  Thank goodness that Shoppers Drug Mart, in Canada, has installed magnifying glasses so we can ‘see’ the small print on those medicine bottles.  These are obvious examples but, there are other items that need to be explored.  

We live in an exiting time where we can expand what is possible with our sight.  A few examples:

  • We can produce vinyl flooring that looks like the leaves of the forest or the rippling waves of water.
  • We can produce photographs of a  forest or a city to scale, same size or 10x larger than life.  Fixed to a wall, fixed to a ceiling, fixed to the floor, a bus  - outside or inside.
  • We can project high definition movies on walls such as those found in the Royal Ontario Museum or The Bell Light Box,


  • With holograms of a flickering candle on a restaurant table as with Karim Rashid’s Beijing café.

And, with a little bit more help with advanced technology, we can also:

  • ‘see’     inside of people with neuroimaging,
  • Use colour light therapy to cure acne or stimulate the re-growth of     hair for balding men. 

More stimulation comes in the form of seeing flat screen televisions everywhere!  … in our banks, our hospitals, our grocery stores, our churches,  our synagogues – telling us what to do, what to buy & where to go.

We have colours that are so heightened, so fluorescent, that the eye is shocked into awareness, rendering what is “real” to look flat and dull.

It has been proven that if you take a man from a sheltered upbringing, bring him into an urban environment, it is impossible for him to distinguish a real man from a statue or a real man from an projected image of a man.

Our modern eyes have become very successful at distinguishing – distinctions.

And, technology keeps upping the ante.

Yet, our eyes and our souls long for what is natural.  For what is “real”!

  • We need what is natural and sensual to decompress, so that our souls & our bodies have a chance to relax. 
  • We need spa environments.
  • We need  natural materials to seduce us.
  • We need to build nature into spaces and places where we live, work and play.
We need to build a sensual world that is healthy and well.  One Interior at a time.
And like God  
To ‘see’  
That what we’ve created is Good!  Dolores

Some useful web links:  Royal Ontario Museum:  Bell Light Box:  Karim Rashid:

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